Food Safety Management Certification

Effectively control food safety hazards with a certified Food Safety Management System

Food Safety is something that affects everyone and is crucial to society and to any business working in (or close to) the food chain. It is important that any business with the potential to cause Food Safety issues has an effective Food Safety Management System in place that eliminates or reduces the risk of contamination.


Owners of businesses within or servicing the food industry must ensure that they meet Australian legal requirements and ensure that their activities, processes and products do not introduce (or fail to prevent) a contamination into the food chain.


The two most commonly used Standards that define requirements for an effective Food Safety Management System in Australia are the internationally recognised ISO22000 standard and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points).


Both these Standards find their basis in the Food Safety principles defined by the Codex Alimentarius Commission of the World Health Organization. ECAAS Certification provides accreditation services to both these Standards to businesses across Australia including Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin and Melbourne.

What are the differences between ISO 22000 and HACCP certification?

There are not many ‘differences’ between HACCP and ISO22000 certification. HACCP (short for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is the main platform for international legislation and good manufacturing practices for all sectors of the food industry.


HACCP is a risk management tool recognised internationally for use in the proactive management of food safety issues.


ISO22000 incorporates the HACCP principles and puts these in a broader framework which is aligned with generally recognised principles of Management Systems that drive continual improvement of performance.

ISO 22000 certification provides a complete Food Safety Management System with benefits including:
  • Applicability to all organizations in the global food supply chain

  • A truly global international standard

  • Complies with the Codex HACCP principles

  • A structure that aligns with the Management System structure of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

  • Enables communication about hazards with partners in the supply chain


If you would like to talk further about your business’ best choice for Food Safety certification call the friendly team at ECAAS Certification from anywhere in Australia on 1300 148 886 or make an online enquiry.


With service offices located Australia-wide in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Darwin, our expert professionals are able to advise you on which Standard will bring most benefits for your business. We can also provide you with a free ISO22000 or HACCP certification quote either as a stand-alone Certification or in combination with any of our other ISO accreditation or management systems training services.

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