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Kenneweell CNC Machining

The ECAAS team made our first ISO auditing experience very smooth and comfortable. Their information and planning is impeccable and the process was one of collaboration and teamwork. Their knowledgeable and approachable people are obviously experts in their field. I have no hesitation recommending ECAAS – my company will certainly continue to work with ECAAS for the foreseeable future.

Smooth and comfortable

Brett Kennewell


Kennewell CNC Machining
APEX Communication Technologies

We transitioned to ECAAS initially as a cost saving measure but we have been very impressed with the whole experience. The transition was seamless and pain free. Our recertification audit and ongoing support has been a breath of fresh air! It is great to work with auditors who are adding value, not only by reducing auditing costs but also with their insights into business improvements.

A breath of fresh air

David Harvey

Project Manager

Apex Communications Technologies
Universial Site Monitoring

USM have been utilising ECAAS for the past few years to undertake our Quality Certifications and Audits. They have always been professional, provided clear advice and the process for organising the onsite audits has been simple and streamlined. Their team are prepared to travel to wherever is needed and are flexible in their approach.  Additionally, their team have a wealth of experience in other areas which makes their contributions that much more valuable.

A wealth of experience

Leanne Plummer


USM Pty Ltd
Servicing SA

ECAAS' audit process was seamless, clear, concise and user friendly! Servicing SA management felt comfortable throughout the audit process and highly appreciated the auditor’s recommendations and suggestions.

Seamless, clear, concise

Mel Asciutto

Business Development Manager

Servicing SA

The staff at ECAAS were great to work with. Going for our initial certification was a little daunting but they walked us through it from start to finish. The auditor was helpful and proved that the process doesn’t have to be difficult, lengthy, or stressful. We achieved our goal and passed the certification audit the first-time round. I would recommend this company to anyone going for Certification.

Great to work with

Mark Anderson

Safety and Quality Specialist

Loram Pty Ltd
Capital Health Network

We have been with ECAAS for several years now. CHN views its relationship with the ISO auditors as an evolving process where the auditors develop an understanding on the nuances of the organisation they are auditing, which ECAAS have done extremely well over two accreditation cycles. ECAAS has come to understand our business and our unique focus on the ACT Health Sector. We have found them to be professional, supportive, encouraging and challenging as we have transitioned to ISO 9001:2015 and implemented our organisation wide quality improvement processes. 

Professional, supportive

Marie Bennett

Senior Manager Corporate Operations

Capital Health Network

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Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Mitsubishi Materials Trading Coroporation
Maritime Constructions
Prime Traffic Solutions
Pentagon Freight
Aussie Broadband
Street Build
Beumer Group
Public Health Network - Healthy North Coast
Dedicated Systems
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