Supplier Audits – 2nd Party Audits

Many Australian businesses lose lots of money every year because their suppliers cannot meet their obligations or provide them with services or products that do not meet their requirements or expectations.

No matter how the issues may be resolved afterwards and who ends up paying for it, it is always better to avoid such issues from occuring in the first place. ECAAS Certification has the specialists that can help you minimise your risks, liabilities and the costs of poor performance by pro-actively ensuring supplier or (sub)-contractor compliance through conducting compliance-audits to verify they have appropriate systems in place which enable them to meet the specifications and conditions. After all, these specifications and conditions are often of vital importance to ensure the quality, safety and/or food safety of your own products and services.

ECAAS Certification can audit your suppliers and subcontractors against the requirements of applicable international standards, industry best practice guidelines and/or against any other criteria that you specify*.

You will receive a full report detailing the findings of the Audit/Assessment and explaining all non-compliances and/or areas of concern in detail.

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*Please note that before ECAAS Certification is able to conduct an Audit at your supplier’s premises, it is your responsibility to obtain consent from your supplier to conduct such an audit, for ECAAS Certification to collect relevant information from their system and to make that information available to you.

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ISO9001 / ISO14001 / AS/NZS 4801

ECAAS Certification has put together a number of easy-to-use self-assessment checklists to assist organisations that are developing, internally auditing or preparing themselves for a Certification Audit of their Quality, Environmental or Occupational Health & Safety Management system to the requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001 and/or AS/NZS4801.

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