A GAP-analysis is a process by which it is determined how well and to what degree your Management System aligns with the requirements of the applicable Certification Standard. A GAP-analysis can be conducted at any time and the results are of course strictly confidential.

Why do a GAP-analysis?
Just to make sure

Before you undergo a Certification Audit or when you have made significant changes to your system, many organisations find it far less stressful to have their system reviewed by a professional prior to having the actual certification auditor assessing it.

If the results of the review are satisfactory, this will give the people the peace of mind to explain their system to the Certification Auditor in a confident and professional manner.
If there are areas that require improvement, these improvements can be made before the Certification Auditor comes to conduct the formal assessment which may avoid issues with or delays in your Certification.

ECAAS Certification can conduct this type of GAP-analysis prior to conducting a certification or re-certification audit but can also provide this service to organisations that are certified or about to be certified by other certification bodies.

How close are we?

Another situation where a GAP-analysis is often conducted is to see where the organisation and its Management System is at with regards to the requirements of applicable Standards such as ISO9001, ISO 14001 or AS/NZS4801. Most organisations have some sort of management system in place, often based on good business practises and a common-sense approach.

If the organisation then at some point decides (or is forced to by its clients) to get formal certification to a recognised Standard, it may be best to use the good parts of the system that is already in place as a foundation for a better, more comprehensive system.
In this is the case, it makes sense to start with identifying what is already there and how that aligns with the requirements of the applicable standard.

A GAP-analysis carried out by professional auditors from an accredited Certification Body is a great way to find out exactly that, especially if the auditor also provides you with valuable feedback about the requirements of the Standard at the same time.

This approach is likely to save a lot of time and money by focusing on those things that really need doing rather than starting from scratch and ignoring what is already there.

ECAAS Certification recommends conducting this GAP-analysis early in the process to ensure all efforts made to develop and implement a Management System are aimed in the right direction.


Following a GAP-analysis, you will receive a detailed written report that explains the findings and identifies non-compliances and further opportunities for improvement.

Please note that ECAAS Certification, as an independent Certification Body, can only conduct an assessment of your system’s compliance with specified criteria and identify examples of non-compliances. In accordance with our impartiality policy, we cannot provide assistance in resolving the identified shortfalls other than making you aware of their existence.