What is EnviroCert?

The EnviroCert Environmental Management System Standard has been specifically designed to assist small and medium sized businesses to establish, implement and maintain an Environmental Management System. It is also very suitable for use by larger organisations that want to improve their Environmental performance but do not have the need for ISO14001-certification.

EnviroCert specifies the certification requirements for a system that enables you to identify and control the environmental impacts of your business activities and is designed to improve them.

ECAAS Certification can provide Certification Services to the EnviroCert Standard.

Benefits of EnviroCert Certification

Certification provides credibility and assurance in your organisation for customers, employees, regulators and other interested parties.

EnviroCert Certification by ECAAS provides a cost effective and time efficient certification solution for businesses that wish to demonstrate and improve performance in their environmental practices and impact.

EnviroCert certification ensures that your organisation is able to:

  • Meet customer demands for “greener” organisations
  • Reduce overall operating costs
  • Improve risk management strategies
  • Reduce legal, financial and reputation related liabilities
  • Reduce negative environmental impacts and pollution

The EnviroCert standard is based upon the international standard ISO 14001. It is an accessible option for small to medium sized businesses and provides a pathway for those that wish to upgrade their environmental management system to ISO 14001 at a later stage.

What is the difference between EnviroCert and ISO14001?

There are many more similarities than there are differences. EnviroCert is based on the same principles and requirements as ISO 14001, has a similar structure and follows the same approach to achieve continuous improvement.

The main difference is that the EnviroCert standard is written in plain, easy-to-understand English, with small to medium sized businesses in mind. Like ISO 14001, EnviroCert requires internal assessments and annual reviews to take place. However the requirements are more suited to smaller organisations than the ISO 14001 internal audits and management review.

With small to medium sized businesses and lower complexity in mind, the certification audit duration is typically shorter than that of a ISO 14001 audit.

Does EnviroCert offer a credible alternative to ISO14001?

Yes, absolutely. The requirements are based on exactly the same principles and compliance to the requirements is scrutinised during an independent audit of the system and its implementation. The audit report is submitted to an independent Certification Approval Panel where the final certification decision is made. EnviroCert approaches compliance from a ‘meeting the intent of the requirements’ point of view and certification will not be granted if there is no objective evidence of the requirements being met.