ECAAS Certification

ECAAS Certification provides Certification services to a variety of recognised Standards, covering areas such as Quality Management, Environmental Management, Occupational Health & Safety Management and Food Safety Management.

Certification can be granted for each of these categories individually, however whenever an organisation chooses to implement a Management System that covers more than one of these areas, for example a Quality/Environmental Management System or an Environmental/Safety Management System, it is possible to certify that system as an integrated Management System and certification to both the ISO9001/ISO14001-standard or the ISO14001/AS-NZS4801-standard can be granted at the same time.

ECAAS Certification not only understands the needs of small and medium sized business owners, it has been at the forefront of the development of management system standards that specifically address the needs of smaller sized organisations by specifying realistic and relevant requirements. These programs are certified using a tailored Certification process which ensures independent Certification comes within financial reach of smaller sized businesses, without compromising the quality or credibility of the Certification process.

For more information about our Small business programs, please click the links below:

EnviroCert (Environmental Management system certification for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME))

iQES:2012 (Integrated Quality, Environmental and Safety Certification for SME’s)

Certification process

Enquiry – Quotation – Application
It all starts with simply contacting the ECAAS office to get more information about the Certification process. You will be required to provide some details about your company that enables us to put together an accurate and obligation free quotation. When you confirm your acceptance of our quotation you will receive a letter that explains in detail what will happen next.

Stage 1 assessment
Stage 1 assessment consists of a Document Review and an onsite Pre-assessment. This process will be started once you indicate that you are ready. A Stage 1 assessment is done to make sure that your organisation is ready for the Certification Audit and that an appropriate audit team can be selected. You will receive a report that clearly specifies any additions or changes that may be necessary. You will be given sufficient time and guidance to do so.

Stage 2 assessment
Stage 2 is also referred to as the ‘onsite Certification Audit’. This is the audit in which your management system’s compliance with the requirements is assessed as well as the actual implementation of your system in your activities. As with the previous step, you will receive a full report of the findings of this assessment.

Corrective action
This only applies if elements of your system do not meet the requirements. Depending on the nature of the finding, you will be required to either submit a plan detailing your intended actions or to provide evidence that you have made the changes as required. Again, you will be given sufficient time to do so.

The independent Certification Approval Panel (CAP) will review your files and the auditor’s recommendations. If certification is granted you will be notified and you can start using the applicable ECAAS Certification Marks. If Certification is not approved you are informed about the reasons as well as your right to appeal this decision.
Once an organisation is certified, it will be authorised to use the appropriate ECAAS Certification Marks.
(Please note that use of our Certification Marks is authorised only to confirm the certification status of the organisation. Any use of our Certification Marks is subject to the conditions specified in our Marks Licence Terms)

Surveillance Audits
After Certification has been granted, we will conduct a series of regular Surveillance Audits to ensure you continue to comply with the requirements and maintain your system.
If issues are identified during any of the Surveillance Audits these will be discussed with you by the Auditor and you will be given a reasonable timeframe to address these issues. When addressed appropriately, these issues will not impact on the status of your Certification.
On the rare occasion that the issue cannot be resolved within the agreed timeframe, your Certification may temporarily be suspended. In this case a timeframe will be determined within which you need to resolve the issues. When resolved, Certification can be reinstated by the CAP. If the situation does not get resolved as required, this could lead to a termination/ cancellation of Certification.

Surveillance audits are usually done every six months or every year, depending on circumstances and your preference. The Surveillance stage normally lasts for 3 years. Your Certification then needs to be renewed.

Triennial renewal of your Certification
Triennial Re-Certification – once every three years ECAAS Certification must conduct a re-certification of your Management System followed by a new Certification Decision by the independent Certification Approval Panel. If re-certifcation is granted, your new certification is again issued with a validity of three years. During this three-year period you are again subjected to six-monthly or annual Surveillance Audits.